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  • About Us

    A little bit about us...

    We are a company that wishes to be a bridge between high tech entrepreneurs and the success they are seeking for, supporting them through several initiatives.


    In 2010, when questioning himself about the lack of successful tech startups in Brazil and Latin America, our founder Felipe Matos envisioned and created our 5 weeks acceleration program. It gives to entrepreneurs a platform to create spectacular startups, by uniting content, inspiration, mentorship, network and a lot of hard work.


    The program is based in 3 main pillars: entrepreneurial education, collaborative culture and access to capital. Since its first program, in 2011, hundreds of startups have passed through it, coming from all over Brazil and Latin America.

  • Get to know our compass. Meet our values

    • Always with the entrepreneur

    We believe that the center of any startup is its founding team. We believe that if a decision is bad for the entrepreneur, it is also bad for the startup, and for the ecosystem.

    • Work in collaborative networks

    We can do more, faster, having more impact and being more efficient when we work together. We strongly believe in working collaboratively with a network of partners. That's why we value and engage our relationships with ours and with the ecosystem.

    • Seek spectacular results

    Well-made products, spectacular experiences and solid cash flow is what we seek for us and for our startups. Spectacular businesses generate spectacular results in all dimensions.

    • Work with joy

    We love what we do! We invest an enormous and important amount of our lives at work. That's why we want to be happy and have fun along this journey. without losing focus on our work's results.

    • We do care

    We like to see the impact of our work. It matters to us! We care about the outcome of what we do and we want to support the creation of new products and services that improves people's life and takes us to a better world.

  • Some figures about our achievements

     (considering only our acceleration program)


    Accelerated startups


    Biggest program in Latin America! \o/


    U$ 100 MM

    In investment raised


    Farmers participating, our beloved entrepreneurs


    Farmers have quit their jobs to focus on their startups




    Editions of our acceleration program


    Cities all over Brazil 




  • Some of our accelerates startups:

    CEO & Cofounder

    SF Rio 2012

    CEO & Cofounder

    SF Floripa 2012

    CEO & Cofounder

    SF SP 2014

    CEO & Cofounder

    SF SP 2013

    CEO & Cofounder

    SF SP 2013

    CEO & Cofounder

    SF SP 2014

    CEO & Cofounder

    SF SP 2013

    CEO & Cofounder

    SF SP 2013

    Scipopulis - Coletivo App

    CEO & Cofounder

    SF SP 2014

    CEO & Cofounder

    SF BH 2011

    CEO & Cofounder

    SF BH 2012

    CEO & Cofounder

    SF SP 2012

  • Startup Farm PRO

    We work on special projects for enterprises, governments and nonprofits, such as IBM, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Government of Minas Gerais State and SEBRAE. We call this business unit Startup Farm PRO. Here is what we do:

    • curation of startups and entrepreneurs for programs and events,

    • consulting on startup ecosystem development initiatives,

    • creation and execution of customized acceleration programs

    • customized open innovation programs and corporate venture initiatives

    Take a look at some of our cases.


    If you want to learn more about our services, write to us: hello@startupfarm.com.br


    IBM SmartCamp Brazil

    We do the curation process of startups for IBM SmartCamp, the main global initiative of IBM to recognize outstanding startups since 2012.

    Startup Jam - BlackBerry

    We have created and executed Startup Jam for BlackBerry. An immersive 48 hours program to support new business creation on mobile platforms.

    Startup Session @ Futurecom

    Startup Session @ Futurecom

    Inside the largest trade show of technology, internet and telecommunications of Latin America - Futurecom - there is Startup Session, and event to bridge startups and large players of tese sectors. In 2013 we were responsible for selection of startups and in 2014 we became co-organizers of the event.


    SEED Minas

    We were in charge of the selection process of SEED, program of Minas Gerais State government that supports early stage startups. We are also their official partner on their mentors network.

  • Startup Farm Select

    Startup Farm Select is a boutique of acceleration that offers tailor made intense support for few selected and promising startups, at pre-scale stage, that can serve global markets. Here are some of our main activities:

    • advise selected startups on strategic decisions;

    • monitor and assist the development of the startup, leveraging on our network of mentors highly skilled in several knowledge areas related to tech startups
    • actively work on acquiring customers, partners and advisors

    • actively work on fundraising


    The first Startup Farm Select startup was EasyTaxi, in 2012, resulting on the largest Series A investment done in Brazil so far. Now, EasyTaxy operates in more than 32 countries all over the world, serving millions of users.

    Currently, Farm Select is working with its second startup, UpPoints, that created a world-class innovative solution. They use image recognition and artificial intelligence to monitor products in retail stores.

    Easy Taxi


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